Creative Henna Tattoos & Glitter Art

Highlight your individuality with henna tattoos and glitter art from Jeeya Beauty in Los Alamitos, California. Using safe-but-effective products, we help you stand out from the crowd. Service is available at our Salon or at your location.


Henna is a temporary tattoo style that originated in South Asia and Middle Eastern Countries. It is often used at festivals and weddings to bring good luck.

When Henna is applied to your skin, it leaves a temporary color that lasts up to 10 - 12 days. Henna tattoos can be applied anywhere on your body. This is the ideal choice if you want to see what a tattoo will look like before you get a permanent one.

What We Offer

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Bring us a picture of the design of the design that you want or let us create an original one for you in free hand. You never have to worry about exposure to dangerous chemicals during the application because we use all-natural ink created from a homemade paste.ragraph here.

Henna Products

​Do your own tattoos with henna products from Jeeya Beauty. All-natural henna-made cones with henna paste are ready for sale. 

Glitter Art

​Add some color to your life and your body with glitter art. This form of temporary tattoo art comes with 15-20 different colors and can be applied to any part of your body. Glitter art dries instantly and lasts for two to three days. Because it's made with a special medical adhesive , its also hypoallergenic so it's healthier for your skin.